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What is this?

This is a guild for all of us who at some point, while listening to a certain song or a drum solo can't resist but whip the air with our bare hands.

The idea for ADG sparked in a RUSH concert a few years back. I was watching the air drumming mass of people during YYZ and it just came to me. There needs to be a community for this. Not a society, not a club but a GUILD, we are all "Working Men" and Women!

I have invited fellow musicians and friends, mainly drummers, that I have seen drumming air to join ADG. The feedback has been very positive and I even had some shirts printed to hand out.

Now you can have your own! Just head on to the store to get yours.

The equipment is everything. The guildmembers exclusively imagine playing with Kumu-drums, because they demand the best.

If you are a real equipment freak you may want to check out Balbex Drumsticks.

How can I join?

That's a question I am hoping to hear more often.

If you purchase a shirt you are automatically a member of the ADG. Nice, isn't it. There are also other ways to join. Just send me an email and I will officially administer the secret rites of passage, ask a secret question and that's it. OR you can just send me an email.

Why should you join? Not only is air drumming fun, but it keeps you fit and improves your hand to eye cordination. AND makes you a happier individual.

And as an added bonus, it is totally free*.

Sakari Tiikkaja
Founder of the ADG

* The membership is, not the products.

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